Smart Balance Board is a digital and balance able platform with more than 500 games on the app. Our Smart Balance Board provides a dynamic and interactive learning experience that fuels curiosity and maximizes learning potential for children

The digital device under the platform gives signal of movement activities to the app which transforms movement activity into completing the task children is on. How cool is that? – Easy learning on movement.

Set up is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Calbration is done once. And than everytime turning on platform with the turning on button and opening app on your android device syhronization will happen automaticlly. 

No, it is a great tool also for adults and eldery people. It is proven that while balancing on platform people with memory problems can easaly learn home adress, phone number, relax and improve the same skills as kids. However, the games in the app are designed for Children from 3-10 years.

Improves language development
Helps in the learning process
Advances communication skills
Trains memory and attention
Boosts motor coordination
Builds on balance capabilities

The app may be downloaded on any android smart phones or pads. We recomend to syhronize the phone or pad with TV for kids to experience more relaxed play with Barboleta.

You need an internet connection to downloade the application.

More than 500+ different tasks are availble on the app to fit different age groups and knowledge and is built for kids to have a fun time while learning.

Trough participation with many reaserch programs, the help of the platform to increase children abilities are proven and shows great results. For more info, please visit: https://barboletashop.com/barboleta-board/research-studies/

The Smart Balance Board is safe, but to ensure safe and correct use of this product and avoid security risks and damaging the board, please always comply with our guidelines: https://barboletashop.com/barboleta-board/set-up-barboleta/

The main purpose of devolping this project is to connect the board with the device and help children to reach their goals and train their abilities.

No, the app just can be used with Barboleta Balance Board. 

Barboleta is especially useful for active, restless children, with poor attention, as well as shy and unmotivated children.

The Barboleta smart balance board has helped more than 1000 children with learning difficulties and we continue to help children as a company with a social purpose, all our profits are invested in our learning and development centre – a place where kids receive the help and training they need.